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“Moments of Reflection”

Richard’s compositions turn the familiar into the unknown, a place where the mind may venture—a journey.

“Infrared Dreamscapes”

By capturing light the human eye cannot see, we can experience the textures of reality that are always there but often untouched.

“More than a Moment”

Photographic art goes beyond capturing the “decisive moment.” It’s a path to realization for both the photographer and viewer.

Purchase Binhammer Limited Edition Prints

Available to the public on each gallery page.

Collect Photography that Speaks to Your Heart

Richard’s photographs are a means of creative expression for him and for those who enjoy his work. From the use of infrared light to his unique compositions, Richard’s photography reveals the untold stories in the sights we take for granted throughout our day-to-day lives. When you own a Binhammer print, you become a part of that story as you find beauty and moments of reflection in Richard’s art.

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