Works in Progress: Roadside America, Color

Another photoblog with some recent photographs I have been reviewing and working on in the digital dark room.  The main gallery will be updated in the coming weeks.

And if you are wondering about the story behind “Roadside America, here it is:

As we travel through our busy lives we are often unaware of the history of the landscape around us. We speed along interstate highways that avoid communities; we fly across the country oblivious to the land, people and their places below.  Over time, human-built structures breakdown as they are abandoned and neglected.   However, the evidence of those past human endeavors melds with the natural elements to create their own beauty – a mystical reminder that the past persists, even just as relics of time gone by.  These reminders of the past are beacons to the endeavors and lives of people who transformed the landscape to build a life. The backroads of America retain instances of human efforts to tame the land, make a living and build communities.  These reminders along today’s empty roadsides are opportunities to pause, reflect and wonder about the people who settled once empty lands.