What is: The Frisco Pier, North Carolina, Outer Banks.The Frisco pier left to fall apart on its own after hurricane “damage”.

What was: The beloved community landmark was constructed in 1962 and served as a popular fishing spot for years and years. In fact it was home to some big catches, including a 76lb tarpon and cobia, an 8lb albacore and state record 12 lb Spanish mackerel.

At night it was lit up and familes often had picnics on the pier.

Abandoned in 2008, the pier has since been left to the destructs of the ocean, wind and surf.

Despite several hurricanes, somehow years later portions of the the pier still stood. The pier was under private ownership of two native North Carolinians, Angie and Tom Gaskill. They had owned the pier since Hurricane Isable’s destruction in 2003. Gaskill spent $400,000 to buy and rebuild the pier. After Hurrican Earl, estimates to rebuild/repair the pier were about $500,000.00 and because it was privately owned they were not eligible for any grants or loan programs associated with rebuilding.

There were also complications with insurance since the Pier was only “damaged,” and not “destroyed.”

The National Park Service, ultimately took over the property and The Frisco Pier removal project began in December 2017. It was completed in 2019.

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