Resources for Collecting Photography

BinhammerPhotographs is about more than just my photographs. It’s about a love of photography and a desire to share valuable information about the photographic art form. When we truly engage with a photograph, the viewer achieves a deeper understanding of an artist’s approach to image-making and, ideally, new insights into oneself. 

Whether you are new to thinking about photographs as art, and perhaps even buying photographs to start your own collection, or if you are a “professional” collector of photography working with a gallery or consultant to build your collection, we are here to support that interest and passion. I want to share and offer the knowledge and resources that support your adventure into the world of photography and art.

Beyond the never-ending ubiquitous rolling social streams of photos, the photograph as art requires thoughtful considerations associated with any art form, such as:

Understanding of an artist’s approach to image-making.

Choices about the subject matter, what is in and out of a frame, the exposure and lighting, and the overall composition.

What makes the image a meaningful experience for the viewer.

The impact of a print – in black and white versus color.

Perhaps a growing knowledge of specific genres from portraiture to fashion to street photography to social commentary and landscapes.

Understanding and tracking the medium’s evolution—historically, culturally, artistically, technologically—and those who pioneered work in different times and genres.

These aspects, and numerous other considerations, can lead you on an exciting visual journey, as well as an emotional, intellectual and knowledgeable artistic quest – giving your photographs new meaning, and a collection of photographs that give you real personal value.

To Get You Started

Don’t be intimidated by the term art collector. Buy what you love. If you are buying for investment, still buy what you love first and research investment potential at the same time. Buying what you love means you will have a collection that means something to you and you can be proud of.

Get to know your “artist” …whether it’s understanding the photographer’s inspiration and work through books and biographies or through a gallery or in-person meetings. Your collection will have your own stories.

Learn about photography: are you attracted to black and white? Street photography? The masters like Ansel Adams or new faces? Read some “classic” books on Photography like “The Photographer’s Eye” by John Szarkowski.

Search the internet for online galleries, upcoming exhibitions, art shows, and galleries that offer photography as a specialty. You might be pleasantly surprised by the number of options you have and may not have been aware of.  

Look lots more. Visit Galleries, Exhibits, Art Fairs…pick a theme for your collection.

Understand prints and authenticity and what matters to you.

The Annual PhotoNexus

A Photography Salon-like Event for Photography Enthusiasts and Collectors

Beyond BinhammerPhotographs and its prints, Richard organizes an annual immersive weekend event at a special and photogenic location. Spots are limited to 15—20 guests and feature a range of experts on fine art photography, including gallerists, established collectors, and other talented artists. If you want to discover the world behind the photographs you love, it’s a can’t miss event.

This weekend features salon like discussions about photography, collecting photographic art and an inside look at the masters of photography. It includes an inside look at galleries, photography collections, and other photographers—and some great social time together among lovers of photography, including some shared time out together behind the lens making photographs.

If you want to learn more or sign up for the next annual event, contact us now and we will keep you informed as details emerge for the next PhotoNexus.

For Lovers of Photography as Art

BinhammerPhotographs is devoted to you the collector and passionate enthusiasts of photography. Whether you want to buy your own “personal exclusive print” as part of your photography collection; you want to pursue your interest in collecting photographs through online curated content; join a group of enthusiasts on Facebook; or, be a part of an annual weekend devoted to the collection and art of photography, we want offer some support. Check out these social channels devoted to collecting photography:
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