The Photographic Print

For photography there is a long history of technological change and constant improvements. Armed with phones that have cameras in our pockets, millions of people are taking and sharing pictures every day. However, the photographic print is as relevant today as it was when the process to make prints was first realized.
Whether a print is hung on your wall in your house or is part of a larger collection of art, the print is real and lasting. And more than a passing like and a swipe, the print, and your ownership of it, is as much a part of your story, as it is about why the photographer took it. The art you choose to surround yourself with says something about what stirs your soul.

Binhammer Photographs Prints

The art you choose to surround yourself with should say something about what stirs your soul.

Limited Edition Prints

Value and meaning that speaks to your heart

Richard’s small batch Limited Editions are an affordable entry point to own photographic prints that speak to your heart – whether that print is a single piece of art in your home or you decide to pursue your own collection of photographic prints.

Each edition has an absolute limit of 25 total prints and some editions are fewer than 25. Even if there are two different print sizes available, there will only be a maximum of 25 prints in existence.  Richard prints much of his own work and each print comes with a certificate of authenticity that verifies the print number.  He also tracks print sales by number and edition in a master registry.

Small batch Limited Editions offer an accessible path to making photography part of the art in your life that stirs your soul.

Thinking About Photography for Your Walls or Starting to Collect?

Whether you are looking at photographic images for your walls or wanting to building a collection of photographs for your home, you can download this PDF with things to keep in mind about photography and prints.

Artisanal Craftsmanship in Printing

Finding the perfect match of paper and ink for a subject is an art of itself. After years of doing his own image processing and creating prints on his own professional equipment, Richard’s buyers can enjoy flawless prints. Richard selects the perfect combination of traditional pigment-based inks and archival paper for every edition to tell its own unique story.

Using Infrared

Like many photographers, Richard’s photographs are color and black and white images. However, he also photographs in black & white infrared using a converted DSLR camera for these images. The converted camera captures a part of the light spectrum humans cannot see, resulting in different textures and dynamic tones. Its’ mystical, dream-like qualities add to the exploration of the forgotten yet timeless past. Its effects range from dreamy to surreal to haunting and stark contrasts.

Infrared photography offers viewers the opportunity to look at the world we take for granted but exposed with light we cannot see. The infrared effects beg the question: “what is reality?” People stop and wonder about what is going on in the images that they often don’t quite get. In this respect, Infrared photography reveals the unseen and defeats assumptions about the “reality” in a photograph thus requiring the viewer to respond differently to the image.

The infrared image presents a new perspective of the known world. The image is composed in a manner that turns the familiar into something more – the things we often take for granted have the potential to become a dream and a place where the mind may venture – a journey. The captured moment of reality becomes a place to explore, a path to new knowledge, a spot of quiet solitude, rather than just a specific time and locale.

For more information about Infrared photography, check out the slide show from camera to development and these links:

  • Step 1: Out of the Camera

  • Step 2: Apply Infrared Camera Profile

  • Step 3: Infrared Tonal Adjustments

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