Roadside America

Roadside America: As we travel through our busy lives we are often unaware of the history of the landscape that surrounds us. We speed along interstate highways that avoid communities; we fly across the country oblivious to the land, people and their places below.

Over time, human-built structures breakdown as communities change. They are abandoned and neglected. Deterioration occurs as nature works slowly and silently to reclaim her place in the landscape. However, the evidence of those past human endeavors melds with the natural elements creating its’ own beauty – a mystical reminder that the past persists, even just as relics of time gone by.

These reminders of the past are beacons to the endeavors and lives of people; previous generations who transformed the landscape to build a life. The backroads of America retain instances of human efforts to tame the land, make a living and build communities. These reminders along today’s empty roadsides are opportunities to pause, reflect and wonder about the people who settled once empty lands. The stories and memories are gone. The only evidence is left in the landscape. There are no ghosts to tell us more.

It begs the question: when today’s human landscape crumbles, what will remain of our presence among the landscapes. What palette will we leave behind?

I capture these images in black + white infrared as the process heightens our perception of these observations.  Dream-like qualities add to the exploration of the forgotten yet timeless past. Infrared photography captures light people cannot see; it offers opportunities to look at the world we often take for granted in a slightly different manner. It is like opening your eyes to something you didn’t know was there.

When presented for exhibition/publication, all images include captions with historical context and stories.  The portfolio prints are 13’’ x 19’’. Some display images and limited-edition prints are 17 ”x 22’’.  All are printed with Epson archival inks on Baryta paper.

You can find more on my Instagram feed or at #roadsideamericaphotoseries, as well as additional black and white infrared photos and color images here on the website.  A color and a black and white infrared self published book of Roadside America is available at Blurb, with access to a complete preview of the books.