Scarred Places

An ongoing project started in 2019

  • America’s history is rich with political, social and cultural stories. Some stories are aspirational. Some represent our failures.  Some are heroic. Some are not.  Some are sad.  Some are ugly.  Some are known.  Many are unknown. Many are not understood, appreciated or seen.
  • Places are spaces that are imbued with human value. Scars are the result of healing from an injury, and they may be imperfect but still form part of a whole. Stories about places are the stories of our communities. The scars are important to the  understanding of us — the good, bad and the ugly…the healing and to be healed.
  • We often fail to understand where our friends and colleagues come from. The histories and stories that form our understanding of the America we know is not always the same America that our friends, colleagues and neighbors know.
  • These images explore America’s known and little-known histories. Some of the histories are right in front of us – recognizable but with implications we have overlooked. Other histories are ones we don’t know or understand.  This project brings together the monumental and the ordinary; the ugly and the aspirational.  It reflects both the turmoil and the celebrated.
  • A history that is complicated can also be a foundation for hope. By embracing and learning a diversity of stories, that together make a whole, and by understanding all our histories, we have the potential to lead to a better and more empathetic future.

This project is early in development. As work continues on it, the images are shared on Instagram with historical context and stories. As it is in development, there is a more comprehensive statement about the project in development, presentation/exhibition prints sizes and educational components have yet to be determined. Several of these images and the hidden stories were recently used as part of a corporate diversity initiative.  For limited edition print inquiries, please contact me