The story of the fierce Mamie Till Mobley started here in Webb, MS and a train north as part of the great migration.  Will you check out the movie, opening this friday, everywhere?

What is: The Webb, MS train Depot. Webb, Mississippi

What was: Mamie Till Mobley — mother of Emmett Till was born in Webb and moved to Argo, Illinois in 1924 as part of what is known as the Great Migration.  Webb was founded circa 1880. In 1882, Judge James L.A. Webb, a Confederate veteran operated the only store here and later the Hood Masonic Lodge was built. There was one saloon at that time called “The Razzle Dazzle.” The town was incorporated in 1905.  The current population of Webb, Mississippi is 386 based on projections of the latest US Census estimates.

The Webb Depot was built in 1909 by the Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad as a combination passenger and freight depot. A central part of life in this small Delta town for decades, the station was the junction of two different railroads coming from three directions. Trains once carried freight, agricultural products, and passengers, and connected these little towns with the rest of the world.  #scarredplacesphotoseries #whatisleadsustowhatwas #Webb #Mississippi #Trainstation #traindepot #YazooMississippiValleyRailroad #EmmettTill #MamieTill #MamieTillMobley #GreatMigration #Argo #Illinois

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