Some recent captures and work in the digital dark room. Be sure to click in to see them in a larger size


Photographer Showcase Introduction: In addition to my own photography, I also enjoy photography by others.  Over the coming months I want to share work by photography friends.

Meet Geoff Livingston Photography:  Geoff and I got to know each other in the early days of social media and business.  We then discovered we both enjoyed photography and our friendship began to meld.  Then I moved to Virginia. Geoff is in DC…and our time together became more frequent and more photographic.  While I often go shooting alone, Geoff and I have gone shooting together in the Blue Ridge mountains, at the Appomattox court house where the civil war came to an end, in DC for Pride festival and cherry blossoms.  We always have a blast shooting together and talking about our imagery, projects and gear…as well as about life.  He taught me how to shoot at night and I tagged along on one his photography workshops on street photography.  He is a generous teacher and a good friend.

On Geoff’s Photography: Geoff covers a broad swath of photographic genres including event photography, photojournalism, portraits, engagement shoots, and fine art photography.  Most recently I was excited to follow along as he documented the government shutdown and its impact on people in DC.  He also has a running photo series about the Trump resistance.  His documentary photography has a voice and is all about change in the world.  His landscapes represent serenity and peace…he bridges both the chaos and beauty in ways that make you want to look more. You can check out his site here.  Hope you enjoy these photos from his “Isolation” project.

Be sure to click on the image for the story behind each…And here is Geoff’s commentary:

By Geoff Livingston: Isolation Project – Ten New Images

It is with great pleasure that I am publishing a new series of isolation street photographs with Binhammer Photographs. These are arguably my best 10 isolation shots taken in the past year.

In early 2018 I was fortunate enough to have ten of my street photographs featured in ExposedDC’s Crystal City Exhibit. These ten photos were hung on the wall as a photowalk through the city’s underground tunnels. The theme for the ten photos was isolation.

From that original series, I defined one of my approaches to street photography, creating a new modernist sense of isolation:

The current sense of alienation finds us alone in a crowd, both in the city and with social media. Our sense of self is exacerbated, a brilliant signal in a vast barren field of noise…  When we are in the world, surrounded by crowds (and that person taking an over-contrived selfie to add to the digital noise) we feel relief, but see ourselves as a unique signal in the noise. The rest of the world doesn’t even see us, just more noise. I [try] to capture the 21st century sense of self, surrounded by millions, yet alone.

With that in mind, this is a new series of Isolation photos taken in the past nine months. Click on the image for the story behind each photograph.

In the onslaught of our busy lives – our work, the news, the everyday chores, responsibilities to family and friends, driving from here to there or sitting in traffic, the alerts on our phones – all of these are fragments are part of building a family, career and to get ahead.  People are busy, keeping in touch and moving forward to build and live a life. It can be a world of worries, of fast-paced activities, successes and failures. Life is often busily routine and complex.

But for people/humans, being alive also includes the mystery of emotion, whether that be anger or frustration, or those peaceful reflective times and moments of beauty.  Those quiet opportunities of pensive thought touch our hearts in strange and magical ways. Those times our being is touched and we reflect, even for a passing moment, as we see and feel the quest for meaning and beauty in our lives.

A gorgeous sunset or sunrise, a memory of some event, thing or person, an expansive landscape or a specific place can bring to the forefront moments that are opportunities where we find ourselves pausing to reflect on an aspect of beauty and wonderment in our lives — a moment that evokes emotion and reaches beyond our day-to-day activities to touch our souls and being.

While it is common to base notions of photographic art on capturing that “decisive moment”, BinhammerPhotographs makes and thinks about the photograph as a means of creative expression that is more than just a moment. The image is composed in a manner that turns the familiar into something more. The things we often take for granted have the potential to become a dream and a place where the mind may venture – a journey. The captured moment of reality becomes a place to explore, a path to realization, a spot of quiet solitude, rather than just a specific time and locale. It is that moment of beauty.

Making photographs in black & white with infrared light captures a part of the light spectrum humans cannot see, resulting in different textures and dynamic tones.  These effects beg the question: “what is reality?” Infrared photography reveals the unseen and defeats assumptions about the “reality” in a photograph thus requiring the viewer to respond differently to the image. The infrared image presents a dreamy and new perspective of the known world, creating a new place to visit or imagine.